VICKIE GAY  Gifted Natural PSYCHIC and MEDIUM on the cover a many books with the world's best psychics & mediums you can trust. 

     PSYCHIC VICKIE GAY  has visions as if watching a movie about the person she is doing a reading for. She feels feelings as she enters
     into the vibration of your friends,
     co-workers, loved ones, and you in order to bring answers to all your questions. She enters thoughts, feelings, and your future outcomes.
     MEDIUM VICKIE GAY hears, sees, feels, and channels spirits of those crossed over. She takes on their personality to bring you the clearest 
     message from the other side.
     Talk with your crossed over loved ones. They are not dead. She channels only if there is a sense of safety and high level intelligence.
     HEALING VICKIE GAY scans the body and sends spiritual healing to people and pets.
​     PROPHECY VICKIE GAY sees world events she post in her monthly message.

• Vickie has assisted the FBI with missing person cases.
• Solved murder cases.
• Helped families in emergency situations with her gift of remote viewing.
• Sent telepathic messages in times of need.
• Sent Healing energy to the sick and troubled.
• Warned of upcoming events to prevent negative outcomes.

Answers to your questions, solutions to problems, spirit has the answers, your angels want to help you. Connections with your past over loved ones, getting in touch, feeling the love, closure to the unknown Information and Experiences to create your Heaven here on Earth.

Vickie has a sense of balance and harmony. She has always had psychic abilities and interested in metaphysics. She is steadfast and discipline in the realms of the spiritual

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World Rank of Lightworkers/ Practitioners of Divinatory Arts 
out of 17,000 submitted names from 83 countries, 
based upon the number of votes received.
The 6th National and International Vote-Election of The United States and The World's Best Lightworkers 

By category here are the rankings for Vickie Gay:

Vickie Gay World Ranks 2016-2017
World's Best Female Medium     World's Best Female Psychic  
Most Recommended Female Medium & Psychic #2 in the World.
Vickie Ranks in America 2016-2017
America's Best Female Psychic #1    America's Best Female Medium #1
Best Paranormal Researchers Investigators
Best Ghost Hunters and Personalities

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Certification: The American Federation of Certified Psychic and Mediums. 
New York, NY