VICKIE GAY Extraordinaire, Gifted Natural PSYCHIC and MEDIUM on the cover a many books with the world's best psychics & mediums you can trust. 

     PSYCHIC VICKIE GAY  has visions as if watching a movie about the person she is doing a reading for. She feels feelings as she enters into the vibration of your friends,
    co-workers, loved ones, and you in order to bring answers to all your questions. She enters thoughts, feelings, and your future outcomes.
     MEDIUM VICKIE GAY hears, sees, feels, and channels spirits of those crossed over. She takes on their personality to bring you the clearest message from the other side.
    Talk with your crossed over loved ones. They are not dead. She channels only if there is a sense of safety and high level intelligence.
     HEALING VICKIE GAY scans the body and sends spiritual healing to people and pets.
​     PROPHECY VICKIE GAY sees world events she post in her monthly message.

• Vickie has assisted the FBI with missing person cases.
• Solved murder cases.
• Helped families in emergency situations with her gift of remote viewing.
• Sent telepathic messages in times of need.
• Sent Healing energy to the sick and troubled.
• Warned of upcoming events to prevent negative outcomes.

Answers to your questions, solutions to problems, spirit has the answers, your angels want to help you. Connections with your past over loved ones, getting in touch, feeling the love, closure to the unknown Information and Experiences to create your Heaven here on Earth.

Vickie has a sense of balance and harmony. She has always had psychic abilities and interested in metaphysics. She is steadfast and discipline in the realms of the spiritual

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   NEW! Event Locations to get an in Person Reading   
 2nd Sunday Monthly  Nevada City, California 210 Main St - Mountain Temple Gallery (415-244-6321 for private reading appointment)
 March 18- 19, 2017        Reno, Nevada at 1981 Terminal Way - Reno Spiritual Wellness Expo
 April    2017                  Nevada City, CA at the Miners Foundry - Psychic Fair
 May 27-28, 2017          Carlsbad, CA - Exclusive VIP Event - Private Readings & Class about how to connect with guides, teacher...
 September 2017          Reno, Nevada - Truckee Meadows Community College - Class and Seance
 October 14-15, 2017   Santa Rosa, California - Santa Rosa  Mystic Fair
 October 21-22, 2017   Reno, Nevada - Reno Spiritual Wellness Expo

Book your Live Event Reading in Advance - arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
We are not booking 15 & 30 minute readings in advance. 
              (One hour $320.  / 45 minutes $240. /  30 minutes $160.  /   15 minutes $80.  )    
Call & schedule in advance or visit Vickie's booth to make your appointment. Scheduling NOW call 415-244-6321    
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At an expo there are hundreds of people talking, shopping, and many vendors.  At an exclusive event only the people scheduled will be present. Your reading is private and quiet. 

 Values and Vickie's Personality:
 Compassionate however professional. Seeks out and heighten hidden or suppressed greatness in clients. Respects and loves clients. Focuses on the work at hand  selflessly not holding on to their challenges and the techniques used to help them. Simply lets go and trust spirit will help each one of them to use the help given to them.  
 Patricia Hudson: (unedited) “Your tone of voice is comfortable little charm kindness but not sweet, generous friendly gentle but has authority and is really the best. I know you can feel energy from them immediately, you meet all kinds of people you give impression and relax. Kindness makes them want to hear more. People love you, come to you for readings you’re confident, kindness, interested in what they have to say. They want to hear what you say.”

 Vickie Gay says, "I have Natural Gifts of powerful psychic and mediumship abilities inherited by birth are part of me. The more I help humanity, somehow these abilities are heightened by intelligence somewhere or something in the unseen beyond vibrations. I believe learning is a continuous encirclement of my existence. The evolved being I am today is at the brink of the powers available and are to come. I love learning by traveling to sacred sites, involve myself with great lightworkers, and readings books filled with techniques I can personalize to my mix of lightworker skills. I have and continue to learn through studies." 

  Reading by Phone: 1 hour $245.  Call 415-244-6321 to schedule.

 World Rank of Lightworkers/  Practitioners of Divinatory Arts out of 17,000 submitted names from 83 countries, based upon ALL the number of votes received. Vickie Gay By score/votes Based upon votes received in multiple categories WORLD RANK #2. Here are all the rankings for Vickie Gay:
New book title: GUIDANCE author Vickie Gay             

                                                                                         Click here to buy your book at       Available in Paper Back & Kindle Bundle



Guidance              Psychic Medium                  Authored by Vickie Gay 

These techniques have been proven successful time and time again in connecting with spirit and higher intelligence. 
Guidance to modalities you can tap into and use for yourself in all areas of your life, including your finances, your health, your emotions, and dealing with loss of loved ones, no matter where they are here or crossed over (passed away).
    This book is for both newcomers and experienced psychics, mediums, and lightworkers - good people helping one another. Secrets to using your senses conveys techniques used in genuine practices for those seeking enlightenment to fine-tune their unique expertise and the newcomer to relate and harness their extraordinary gifts. 
    GUIDANCE teaches by means of stories, real events and real experiences. Readers will learn how to use their psychic ability, what psychic abilities can do, and causes for using psychic abilities. Individuals who are no longer beginners can learn additional techniques, or modify methods that have failed them. This gentle way of learning can be a fun way to enlightenment you shape for your paramount development.
    Learn how to awaken psychic and medium abilities you are born with plus can take you to understanding beyond your imagination. You have just as much psychic ability as anyone else, and it is a part of who you are. Here is your chance to foster a foundation to bring success in every facet of your life by using unseen forces of power in psychic and medium abilities. 
    Safely and respectfully listed, to open up psychic & mediumship abilities that are part of the spiritual self.Awaken dormant abilities.Psychic & Medium Abilities...

CONTENT: Clear, Protect, and Bless,,Sage and Sweetgrass, Into the Quiet, Discover Your Natural Powerful Gift, Opening Up to Those in Spirit, Spirit Attracted to You, Who's There? Here or the Other Side Remote Viewing, Conversations Using Telepathy, Solving a Murder Case, Secrets into the Beyond, Introduction to Spirit Guides, Turn It Off and On, Getting a Spirit Control, Overnight Success, Spirits Want to Talk with You, Channeling Spirit, Spirit Connections, Questions & Answers, Spirits in the House

  Click on the book cover to go to Amazon and buy this book. ​Publication Date:Oct 07 2016 Page Count:246 Binding Type:US Trade Paper Trim Size:6" x 9"
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Vickie Ranks in USA 2016-2017
Best Female Psychic #1               
Best Female Medium #1
Best Paranormal Researchers Investigators
Best Ghost Hunters and Personalities
Vickie Gay Ranks in the WORLD 2016-2017
World's Best Female Medium         World's Best Female Psychic
World's Elite Psychic At Large         World's Best Life Coach #3
World's Most Recommended Female Medium & Psychic #2
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 Vickie Gay
 America's #1

Best Elite 
Psychic and Medium in the WORLD!

Area of Recommended by the Author: Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Empath, Life Coaching, Paranormal Investigator, by Name; Akashic records, Angels Messenger, Animal Communicator, Author, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Consultant, Detective Psychic, Energy Healer, Healer (General), Intuitive Consultant, Intuitive Spiritual Coach, Lecturer, Life Coaching, Medical Intuitive, Meditational Instruction Services, Medium, Motivation Speaker, Paranormal Investigator, Psychic, Psychic Development, Psychic Healing,Psychomatry, Remote Viewer, Siritual Guide, Spiritual Adviser, Spiritual Guide, Spiritual Healing, Teacher.
Certified by The American Federation of Certified Psychic and Mediums. New York.
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Vickie Gay graced the magazine cover of 2015 Worlds Best Psychics & Mediums, and contributed or been a part of over 14 book, several of which are Amazon Bestsellers.