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Vickie enjoys the opportunity to share her knowledge with the world. She one day feels that the ability to experience spirit is something everyone will do. She teaches psychic mediumship in that it will become common place and accepted as part of our senses. In 2007-08 she did a limited release CD that was well received. 

                          Vickie is currently
                     working on a book that
                      will help facilitate this
                           gift for everyone.
For Appointment Call: 415-244-6321
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Vickie Gay is 
featured Medium 
in Book  "Finding Vern" 
Vickie's Gift was the catalyst in aiding this skeptical young widow discover that our consciousness survives physical death. This discovery sent Darcy Bellows-Mascorro on a journey. The book was written to share with other grieving lovers and families. This fact is important for everyone. We do not die. Love is forever. We are more than we imagine.

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