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MARCH  28 & 29, 2015
Saturday 9:30am-7pm / Sunday 9:30am-6pm
Reno-Sparks Convention Center on Virginia St., Reno, Nevada

                                              LIVE READING with VICKIE GAY     za
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                                              Saturday & Sunday are available​. Do not miss out!

                                             Sunday 12:00 PM - Featuring Vickie Gay 
                                             Messages from your Angels channeled by Vickie Gay  za

1. Call or email with the time & date you desire
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3. Arrive at Vickie's booth 5 minutes prior to your scheduled reading.
FEBRUARY 15, 2015   SUNDAY 10AM to 6PM

                                                                       Venue Location: Crowne Plaza (formerly Holiday Inn Northeast) 
                                                                                   5321 Date Ave. at Madison  Sacramento, CA 95841
​                                                                                                         10 AM to 6 PM PRIVATE READINGS ( booth #11) ​
​                                                                                         12:00 NOON    FEATURED SPEAKER 

Message to Sacramento: We are grateful for the wonderful energy of each person filling the lecture room. Vickie enjoyed seeing each one of you and answering your questions during the Q&A portion. The Popcorn readings are a fun way to demonstrate mediumship. Many of you asked if we would do this again. We are pleased to say we will allow a few minutes for gallery messages at Vickie's next appearance in Sacramento . 

JANUARY 30 & 31, 2015

Two days of Readings & Séances only for those contacting Suzy 530-848-6031 to be part of this exclusive event. You could be a part of going to lunch or dinner with a bunch of really fun gals and psychic medium Vickie Gay.
January 30 Séance The Friday Séance 7:00pm to 9pm 
January 31 The Saturday Séance is SOLD OUT 

Private Reading Available: Friday 2:30pm - 6:00pm &  Saturday 2:00pm - 5:30pm 

​At least a one hour reading is recommended for this exclusive opportunity. Times goes very quickly.
Cost: 1/2 Hour Personal Reading $160. / 1 Hour Personal Reading $320. /  Séance $95.

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                      EVENT      APRIL 11 & 12, 2015       Psychic Fair

          The Miners Foundry Cultural Center Presents
          the 26th Annual Nevada City Psychic Fair
          (A benefit for the Miners Foundry)

          325 Spring Street, Nevada City, California 95959
          Saturday 11:00 am - 6 pmSunday 11:00 am - 5 pm

          Private Readings Space#1 (Stage) Saturday & Sunday with Vickie Gay
           Sunday at 3 pm Event Speaker Vickie Gay 



October 17, 2015

for the Seance 7pm to 9pm sign up at Truckee Meadows Community College
for PRIVATE READING 10am to 4pm with Vickie Gay call 415-244-6321
 A54 Energy Circle  Class ID: 21677 

Contact Kathy Berry directly at 775-824-8626 or
sign up CLICK HERE at the TMCC College website 
Kathy Berry| Series Manager

​Séance "ENERGY CIRCLE" October 17, 2015 Saturday  7-9PM $89.
Energy Circle - Working with Vickie Gay a Federation of Psychics and Mediums, Inc.  Certified Medium and Certified Psychic in a small group séance, experiment connecting with higher intelligence in three levels of vibration. The first level, earth intelligence, can present information about people you interact with. The second, spirit intelligence, brings information on how to improve your quality of life. All connections made are of high level, positive and a power of good. The group will be limited to the first 12 participants.

PRIVATE PERSONAL READING  October 17, 2015   10AM - 4PM
 Contact Vickie Gay directly at  415-244-6321 to schedule your private reading. 
See the FAQ above for more information about the benefits of an Exclusive Event

​At least a one hour reading is recommended for this rare exclusive opportunity. 
Cost: 1/2 Hour Personal Reading $160. / 1 Hour Personal Reading $320. / Séance $89.

click here to secure your appointment with your payment 
Dear Vickie,

I wanted to personally “Thank You” again for the very successful Santa Barbara weekend event you drove down for in February. What a Blessing!!

To date, I have personally experienced three unbelievable readings with you. All of which catapulted me from a darkness into the light. All of my readings were nothing short of Amazing. You have always named my family members, including my father for whom I thought would never visit during a psychic reading!! Oh my goodness, he didn’t believe in such hog wash (his words when he was alive). And the name he used wasn’t his given name, but the endearing name used only by his closest friends. Wow!! My mother and beloved brother have visited all three times and they divulge untold amount of stories that NO one else knows about. I witnessed a friend’s sister being told to MOVE away from her husband immediately or she would be harmed and the minute she returned home, she moved into a Women’s Shelter. And just for the record, the husband did in fact begin looking for her and the police were contacted. My girlfriend’s boyfriend came to one of the readings and has since shared that he has a new perspective on the spirit world. He told me that he didn’t grow-up believing in such things, but is now a believer! He would actually enjoy having another reading one day. So many wonderful, uplifting stories to share from your visit. You truly do have an Amazing ability to connect with our loved ones and I want to share with the world…. “If you have the opportunity to visit with Vickie Gay, I would suggest you NOT PASS the educational journey by!!!” She’ll give you closure and peace of mind. Vickie doesn’t care if you believe in psychic mediums in general or in her ability. Her mission in life is to bring words of healing from the afterlife. She gets the message across real fast that your loved ones are living, guiding and protecting you from the other side.

Santa Barbara had two sensational days with Vickie. Thank you, Vickie from all of us who witnessed your talented gifts. You are so exciting. We are blessed to have such a talented person in our world who is capable of helping so many. You have helped move us from grieving into a loving light and we are all very grateful. 

Vickie, you bring an elevated spirit to my soul. Every time I visit with you, you give me clarity on what I already know to be true.

Love and light,

Santa Barbara, California Exclusive Event Testimonial 

Friday and Saturday March 2016

DO NOT MISS OUT! Vickie only has a few more appointments available.
Contact Suzy to be a part of this exclusive event at:
Call/Text her at: 530-848-6031
Availability is subject to change. Schedule now!

Beautiful view of Santa Barbara from the private quiet event Conference Room
Is there a cover  charge? No there is not a cover charge.

Am I going to be present all day? No. You will only come at your scheduled time. Arrive 5 minutes early.

Are the readings only contacting dead people? No. Vickie is both a certified psychic and a certified medium. You may ask her to use both or only one of her abilities. She uses different techniques for each type of phenomena.

What is a Spirit Circle? In a spirit circle everyone gets short readings. We sit in a circle, light is dim, spirit message & psychic messages come randomly and many times more then one message comes to a sitter. 

What is a Séance? In a séance everyone does not get to connect with a crossed over loved one. Everyone's energy is needed and Vickie only connects with those crossed over she feels will create a  good experience. If you are attending to witness and do not want a connection let us know to set that intention. Candle light only. During the séance you may speak only if the spirit connection is for you.

What is an exclusive event private reading? This exclusive event private reading is at the same location as last year in a beautiful Board Room with amazing views of Santa Barbara. Vickie starts with prayer, 2 minutes reading of what ever comes through of which many times over people say the answers to the questions they planned to ask are answered. After the two minutes you may ask questions to steer the reading to the direction you are needing help in such as business or personal, love, relationships, health, this is the time when you may ask any question you want. Write down your question as a tickler to be sure you ask everything you need to know. People get so involved in what is coming through they forget to ask all their questions as time flies by quickly. Each reading is different, Vickie reveals all, she does not withhold information. She trust her connections to be of the highest and best to help each individual. 

What is the difference between an expo reading and an exclusive event reading? 
At an expo there are hundreds of people talking and shopping, many vendors loudly describing their services or products. You have no privacy and are in a noisy public setting.
At an exclusive event only the people scheduled will be there. You have privacy, quiet, and in a private reading every moment is focused on you getting the help you need. 

May I record my private reading? Yes you may bring your own recorder. If you do not have a recorder Vickie records each reading and you may purchase a thumb drive with your reading on it for $25.

At least a one hour reading is recommended for this rare exclusive opportunity. 
Cost: 1/2 Hour Personal Reading $160. / 1 Hour Personal Reading $320. / Séance or Circle $95.
            The Sedona Psychic Fair            
The Premier Holistic and Metaphysical Event
Sunday, October 11, 2015
9am to 5pm

Readings 9am to 5pm & Workshop at 12 Noon with Vickie Gay 
12 noon Free Workshop - PSYCHIC PROTECTION: Shielding Against Negativity

Hilton Sedona Resort
90 Ridge Trail Dr, Sedona, AZ 86351

Psychic fair includes many vendors & reader such as Energy Healers, Psychic, Mediums, Angel & Tarot Readers,Psychic Readers, Jewelry, Crystals, Gifts, Aura Photography     602-888-0354

November 7 & 8, 2015
Saturday 9:30am-6pm / Sunday 9:30am-5pm
Reno-Sparks Convention Center
 Virginia St., Reno, Nevada

Returning by popular demand
                                              LIVE READING with VICKIE GAY     za
                                              SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW
                                              Saturday & Sunday are available​. Do not miss out!

                                             Sunday 12:00 PM - Featuring Vickie Gay za
                                             Psychic Protection: Shielding Against Negativity 

1. Call or email with the time & date you desire
2. Make your payment click here...
3. Arrive at Vickie's booth 5 minutes prior to your scheduled reading.
The American Federation of Certified Psychic & Mediums
 Embrace Your Spirit: 
The Secrets to Unlocking Your Spiritual Path
Conference 2016    March 18th, 19th, and 20th
Lewisville, Texas

This conference features the TOP rated Psychics and Lightworkers WORLDWIDE 2015! These extremely gifted individuals are the TOP rated People's Choice Psychics and are 100% certified by the AFCPM.
They were rated by everyday people like YOU based on their Accuracy, Proficiency, & Authenticity

Early Bird Special purchase by February 1, 2016 ONLY $275. / $325. after February 1st.
Ticket Price Includes: Thursday Night "Meet & Greet" , ALL Weekend Workshops, Q & A with the Panel, Discounted Private Sessions, Sunday Night Dinner with the Panel, After Dinner "Spirit Gallery", Over $150. in FREE giveaways, Door Prizes, and MUCH MORE!

Miracles of Joy     701 S. Old Orchard Ln., Lewisville, Texas 75067       972-221-8080