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VOTED 2016-2017
The 6th National and International Vote-Election of The United States and The World's Best Lightworkers

Phone number ​415-244-6321

Excursions to Sacred Sites and Workshops all with Vickie Gay
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

  • 8 AM: Enjoy an organic breakfast with Vickie Gay
  • 9 AM: Depart the center for your excursion to a sacred site for the day with Vickie teaching you (see locations & workshop descriptions below).
  • 3 PM: Return to Dolphin Touch Wellness Center
  • 3 to 6 PM: Vickie Gay is available for Private Readings (schedule now)
  • 3 to 6 PM: Dolphin Touch Wellness Center has services outside our retreat program.

Workshops with Vickie Gay Descriptions:

Technique to
 Manipulate Time
Workshop by the Ocean.

 Manipulate time to do more in less time. Learn to break the mold of linear time.
Ones’ consciousness changes under the influence of this exercise. Ways to carry out task under this influence will be revealed.
Equipment needed will be available.
The technique will be revealed step by step to take advantage of time manipulation.
Closing the energy circle: The strong field of energy must be closed to eliminate the influence over one’s consciousness.  

Psychic Mastery
Workshop by the Waterfalls

We will address the secrets to psychic mastery. In this workshop
 we will do
 some practical 
meditation, exercises, and techniques to awaken the pineal gland. 
First receive a powerful psychic opening. 
Then learn to be a psychic reader. Experience your clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (messages) and clairsentience (feeling). 
Learn to see your guides and talk directly with spirits and receive guidance.

Medium Mastery 
Workshop location: Mermaids Cove

Learn to do a mediumship session on someone,
 communicating with loved ones on the other side  and hearing messages.

 Learn how to communicate with higher intelligence,
 communicating information for yourself or others. 

Tap into people on earth to read their minds, 
for clarity and to make advantageous decisions.

Intuitive Development
Workshop Location: Sacred location known as Hawaii's Grand Canyon
Supernatural Mix:
Sharpen your gifted skills, learn new techniques,
 and/or discover your spiritual powers.

Work on an infrastructure using intuitive abilities, healing energy, psychometry, empathic powers and  Akashic Records.

Work on how to set an intention with authority through the power of almighty divinity.

 Work with supernatural beings, learn how to send out prayers that are heard and get results.

 Enjoy a guided meditation with a history of 90% of the participants making a connection themselves.

 Short readings to demonstrate the result of combining powers, and an unforgettable experience being in the presents of almighty beings assisting Vickie Gay. 


 Your Retreat at a Glance

  • Excursions to Sacred Sites for your Workshops & Meditations with Vickie Gay.
  • Waterfalls, Ocean, Mermaids Cove, Sacred Grounds (Hawaii's Grand Canyon),

  • Awakening and Enlightenment Workshops & Meditations
  • Annunaki Technique do more in less time, Psychic, Medium, Intuition Mix, 

  • Organic Lual, Breakfast, Lunch
  • Spot on Lual with organic food, dancers, and more. This will be your time to meet & greet, get familiar with your retreat layout and meet our host at Dolphin Touch Wellness Center.
  • Organic Lunches will be enjoyed at your excursion sites.
  • Organic Breakfast will be enjoyed at the center.

  • Transportation
  • You will have transportation from and to the airport, hotel, excursions, Dolphin Touch Wellness Center and back to your hotel in groups or individually to accommodate those enjoying available services the center offers and private readings with Vickie Gay.

  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Courtyard Marriott for 5 nights. (Double occupancy)

Single occupancy add $107.50 per night 
Ocean Front add $30.00 per night.


March 24 - 29, 2018
Kauai, Hawaii

 March 24 - 29, 2018   

Add-On Extra Charge for Single Occupancy Room
$107.50/ night for 5 nights Total $537.50

Add-On Extra Charge for Ocean Front Room. $30./night for 5 nights Total $150.00

Add-On Extra Charge for Private VIP Reading with Vickie Gay
$320. / One Hour

Due to time deadlines and availabilty ​
Call Vickie Gay at 415-244-6321 for Retreat Registration, making a reading appointment with her, she will answer any questions and address any concerns. 

Vickie Gay and Dolphin Touch Wellness Center have partnered up to produce this Exclusive VIP Retreat in Hawaii's sacred sites with Vickie Gay sharing her wisdom, techniques, and powerful divinity. It is an honor to have you join us. 

REGISTER NOW 415-244-6321
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1st day Saturday: 
Spot on Traditional Lual with organic food, dancers, and more. This will be our time to meet & greet, get familiar with our retreat layout and meet our host at Dolphin Touch Wellness Center.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:
Excursions, Workshops, include breakfast at Dolphin Wellness Center and includes lunch at workshop location.

Thursday: Closing Ceremony