WHERE:  The LAX Hilton at   5711 W. Century, Los Angeles, California     near the Los Angeles Airport

Vickie Gay  FEATURED  1. Friday - ask Vickie questions at THE DIVINATION PANEL 'Tools & Predictions for 2013'
                                                  2. Saturday - join Vickie at her WORKSHOP  2-3:30pm in the Los Angeles Ballroom
                                                  3. Friday, Saturday and Sunday - get a PERSONAL PRIVATE READING
                                                                  at this huge event look for Vickie at her booth #506 in the International Ballroom .

This workshop will provide Psychic and Mediumship techniques. Vickie can activate your gifts with a spirit guide. 

                                              * Psychic Insight * Counseling * Remarkable Spiritual Reunions 
                                 Readings by Vickie all 3 days. It's easy as 1-2-3 and no waiting line!
                                 You can pre-book a 1 hour event reading online today
                                               1. Purchase your reading       
                                                          2. Call 415-244-6321 to schedule your time
                                                          3. Show up at Vickie's booth 5 minutes early

                                      Private Readings: Friday, Saturday, Sunday                                  
                                      Divination Panel: Friday 8:30PM to 10:30PM
                                                   Workshop: Saturday 2-3:30pm
                                            Vickie's booth: #506 is in the International Ballroom 

                                                                                                       For more details ​see the program you can pick up at the door.
SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 
Spiritual Energy Circle 
Truckee Meadows College - Reno, Nevada  
Connection with higher intelligence in three levels of vibration.
All connections made are of high level, positive, and moral righteousness; virtue: to be a power for good.

Truckee Meadows College  seance is filling up quickly

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For Appointment Call: 415-244-6321
or email: mail@vickiegay.com
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FEBRUARY 10-12th 2012
Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo
LAX Hilton

Saturday February 11th 2012,  2 PM - 3:30 PM,  Marina Ballroom
Psychic & Mediumship Techniques Activation and Sharpening
This workshop will provide Psychic and Mediumship techniques 
that work for the newcomer and the professional spiritual seeker
$20 Advance/$25 at the Door

Saturday February 11th 2012,  11 AM - 12 Noon,  Century D
Psychic Expansion Prepare to Open Up
Discover the power of your psychic abilities. 

FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY February 10-12th 2012,  Booth
Psychic Insight and counseling or remarkable spiritual reunions. 
Readings will be offered all 3 days. You can prebook a 1 hour 
event reading online today.

MARCH 31 - APRIL 1 2012
Reno Psychic Fair
Reno Sparks Convention

Saturday and Sunday 9:30AM to 7PM
Spiritual Readings:
Psychic or Medium or both types  combined.
Pre-book your 1 hour event reading. 
Vickie pictured here on the Billboard for the Reno Psychic Fair
March 31, 2012 at 7PM  Saturday |  Reno Convention Center

Meet Vickie Gay at the center stage at the Reno Psychic Fair after the fair closes at 7pm 

Vickie will provide Popcorn or Billet Readings to the audience, and work with an interactive exercise for activation of abilities. She will be raising the vibrations of Spirit 
Vickie enjoys meeting the people and seeing other cities of the world. Here was one of her past Los Angeles, California visits.
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Know Thyself  
The true self - the spiritual self that is within a body.
A shining being making a difference creating a new beginning for the world. 

                                                                OCTOBER 12-14, 2012

                                                               Saturday 9:30AM to  7PM
                                                               Sunday    9:30AM to 6PM
                         Readings with Certified Medium Vickie Gay​
                                                Psychic Readings - a look into your current and future.
                                                Angelic connections with those crossed over into the spirit realm.
                                                Vickie does combination reading with angel connection & psychic reading.
Vickie is a popular speaker and teacher at the college it is certain this energy circle will be sparking!.

Room 308 at TMCC 
5:30PM to 6:45PM Spiritual Energy Circle #1  
7:00PM to 8:15PM Spiritual Energy Circle #2
8:30PM to 9:45PM Spiritual Energy Circle #3

 sold out


                                                         Explore the Afterlife       
                                                 ​        February 23, 2013
                                                  All Day Event  9:30AM to 5PM

                                                                    Location:   National Automobile Museum
                                                                         10 Lake St, Reno, NV 89501, USA

SCHALL ADAMS I lost my only son, devastated it made me question everything about life…and death. I started a journey into places I never knew existed. 

SCOTT DE TAMLE spiritual past life regression with clinical hypnotherapist, who has been using these techniques for over 12 years now. Discover your life purpose.

VICKIE GAY connects with loved ones spiritually. Your loved one may come through for you in the two hour demonstrations of spirit communication with renowned psychic medium Vickie Gay!  

February 23, 2013  
This all day event 9:30AM to 5PM with SCHALL, SCOTT, AND VICKIE! 
  at the low price of $130. Space is limited buy your tickets now! 

Reno's biggest Psychic Fair Reno Sparks Convention Center
Learn how Vickie Gay can help you, how she tunes into angels, guides and loved ones crossed over into the spirit world.
Click Here to Listen to Radio 106.9 Happenings at this event!
Vickie spends time meditating for world healing.
Vickie serves God as instructed by his unseen disciples.

Getting close to nature, makes her feel very connected to the Creator.

She loves meeting people as she travels her spiritual journey.

 Finding many Hearts are open to transformation to the good side of life she is all about helping people live the abundant life of God.

God has blessed those she makes connections for with many gifts. 

"From this day forward I re-dedicate my life to turning up the joy and enthusiasm of being of service to God. You too can do this now." says Vickie.

Every event that we plan will be fueled by the passion to reach seekers and help them grow.

If you are wondering what an event with Vickie Gay is like read any of our numerous testimonials
Vickie conducts a seance. Vickie's seances only invite spirit of the highest good and the best intention. She often gets playful response.