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Ghostly Adventures at the Gold Hill Hotel

By Vickie Gay

With a feeling of mystery in the air I prepared myself for a ghostly adventure inside the Gold Hill Hotel in Virginia City, Nevada, originally opened as "The Riesen House" in the 1860's.

Today the hotel is known for its ghost and mysterious happenings within its wall.

Walking through the door I was bombarded with the feelings of spirit entities around me. Shaking off the feelings, I walked through the main floor, up the stairs and to room #5 where I would be staying that night.

Reaching for the door nob the entity that occupies that room sent me into a state of awareness that he was there waiting for me to come in.

After hearing rumors about a ghost name William shaking the bed I wondered if he would be active in front of the video camera I was setting up.

I went back down the staircase to meet with my friend Anne whom I had left on the main floor upon my arrival. She was talking to the hotel's owner, pouring out her interest in Native Americans as he told her of his Apache ancestry.

Muriel and her daughter Brandy arrived shortly thereafter. Exhausted from working to restore another haunted building in town, they sank into the iron chairs around a table in the patio. As we made plans for the night, everyone's energy rose and the long active day was put behind us.

A stream of people came out of the dining area followed by the actors that played out a murder mystery performance. We waited for the hotel to empty as we found ourselves to be the only occupants, we headed to room #5.

I opened the closet door, stepping in I felt a sudden feeling I would fall through the floor. I realized that at some point and time there may have been a shaft there and the ghost was warning me not to go in. Later, I went into the bathroom and felt as if I were entering a different time. It was like the closet and bathroom were possessed by a different spirit than the bedroom itself.

Leaving Anne to sleep in room #5, I joined Muriel and Brandy in room #4. I felt the presents of a woman. Mentally, I went back in time as a spectator. A woman was running. Later, I was informed her name was Rosie. William was chasing her. Rosie and William's laughter filled the halls as they romantically and secretly met at the hotel. I suddenly snapped back to August 11, 2004. 

Muriel, Brandy and I decided to venture into the long hall on the third floor. We found ourselves at a seating area. I removed the lamp on a round, three legged wooden table and pulled it to the center as I looked down the ire hall feeling the area become very hot. We prepared to use the table for table tipping. We put our hands out touching each other's fingertips forming a circle. I said a prayer of protection. "I ask for a white light of protection against all evil and negativity. I ask for the highest and best spirits to come through now." We lowered our hands holding the circle with only pinky to pinky touching. As our hands got nearer and nearer to the table the energy became gruesomely stronger. Our fretfulness was fueled even more by the negative vibes that surrounded us. Three shocking booming noises came bellowing towards us as we took off running back to room #5. 

We gathered our wits, said another prayer of protection and went back to further investigate the area around the table. Fighting off the horrid vibes that the ghost emitted we snapped pictures. Two orbs, one small and one large appeared on my camera viewing screen. With the ghostly vibes trailing behind us we went back to the room to fine Anne awakened by loud booming noises. I packed my gear and we were out of there.
The happenings of that night gave way to the stories other guest have told of loud noises, beds shaking, personal belongings moving or taken away to be found later. The maid has felt the ghost vibes in the closet that she claims have been over looked by ghost documentaries.In the 19th century William and Rosie his mistress, had a baby. In anger, William threw the baby into a mineshaft. Now Rosie chases William for murdering her child. Their laughter of the happy days echoes and the chasing through the halls continue to haunt the Gold Hill Hotel.