Ghost Orbs
Psychic Medium Vickie Gay
Connects with the Other Side
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Photo taken at Piper's Opera House in Virigina City, Nevada. 
Left to right  cameraman,Sonya Lee, Siobhan McAndrew reporter for The Reno Gazette - Journal, Vickie Gay Psychic Medium - makes connection with spirits residing at Piper's Opera House, Bernise and JoAnn - mother daughter psychics, Brittany - sensitvie to spirit vibrations and her mother Maureen Hepsew  costume designer self taught through clairvoyance seeing fashion into the past, Brian Byrd filming and editor for Victoria Monroe, Pipers Opera House, with The WB Productions. 
Definition of clairvoyance - 
a paranormal mode of preception, which results in a visual image being presented to the conscious mind. The perception may be of objects or scenes, or forms distant in space, or in time, past or future.

 Wedding at
 Piper's Opera House
Spirits are invited to
 attend the wedding.
 They show up in these photographs in the form 
of orbs. 


What are Orbs? 
Orbs are ghosts in the form 
of balls of light. In some of these orbs you can see faces.

Vickie Gay, a Certified Medium is communicating with the ghost at Piper's Opera House. She is looking at an orb in front of her and an orb is behind Vickie.
Ghost Investigation