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 This is a month filled with caution in the financial area of your life. Setting goals to acquire things you desire, visioning what it is you want, asking spirit... ask spirit right now, expect your heart felt prayer to manifest your request. I am asking Spirit to fulfill your desire NOW.

Relationships are of the utmost importance during this time of settling into the new year. People getting together to make plans for the rest of the year will have difficulty due to that many of you are at a cross roads with huge shifts into the unknown. Many of you will be changing how you do things and exploring what it is you really want out of life. 

You were born into this world to learn love. Love makes you happy, sad, makes you laugh, cry, it hurts, and is bliss, so this Valentines feel love and learn about love.  Embrace every moment as you send out love, give your gifts of flowers and chocolates but most importantly make contact with those you love. Enjoy your  journey in learning about love.  

All the people of the world are part of a soon coming awakening that is now in preparation. Embrace Spiritual teachings now.  
Blessings to you all,
Vickie Gay, Psychic Medium
email blast 2/1/11

Change will come upon you with or without your participation. It would be wise to make choices rather than letting the universe do it for you. The first ten day of the month seem like a dream, days past so very quickly. This is a good time to make your plans for the year of 2011. January is a time when family bonds feel stronger and is a good time to plan family reunions. Spiritual things are affecting people around the world. Seek out guru teachers to journey into learning about things that are sacred and bring enlightenment.

People are looking for relationships and careers that will prosper, romance that is lasting, and friends that can be trusted. The natural law of "Like attracts like' is especially powerful this month.
 Those of you separated from what you thought was your life, job, children, lover, best friend... continue on a new path that fills with new people. The innocently displaced find a home in the first quarter of the year.
In 2011 the economy is in for positive changes... more in next months Psychic Message
My Sincerest Wishes for a Prosperous New Years,
Vickie Gay, Psychic Medium
email blast 1/1/11

MARCH 2011

I am pressing to explore the unconscious realms, and obsessed with making the unknown conscious on my quest to open you up to explore the higher meaning of life. My intention is to use a practical and sensible approach to pave the way for positive changes in all life. As I adventure beneath the superficial to stimulate your intuition, my goal is to merge your spiritual purpose with your physical survival expression.

There is a void to fill between your human self and your spirit self that at some point in your life will be a memory you laugh at, as human and spirit becomes one self. This shift is happening now, with your co-operation or by a universal force, it is up to you as to what role you play now, in the year 2012, and years thereafter. The Mayans secretly left signs we are timely understanding as simple and at the same time profound transformation taking place in this unstoppable evolution that is natural in the universe.  Bringing you to fill that void that is and has been baffling mankind for thousands of years is that YOU ARE THE MIRACLE. 

The physical left brain having to do with logic, sequential, rational, analytical, and objective looks at parts, as well as, spirit right brain random, intuitive, holistic, synthesizing, subjective looks at the wholes, both sides of the brain working simultaneously will fill the void between the human side and the spirit side that brings science and spiritual to work together.

Scientist will discover how to spark the brain to bring dormant parts into action and Spiritual workers will teach the use of the spirit right brain. YOU ARE THE MIRACLE leaves no one behind, your journey begins now.

Have a splendid day,
Vickie Gay, Psychic Medium
email blast 3/1/11

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APRIL 2011

The United States of America has a bright and prosperous future that started developing a few months ago. People in charge, especially the president, are making astonishing decisions and manifesting the dream of the American people.  These changes will be felt at the end of April and moving forward into the rest of the year. Many people will have uncontrollable outburst as to how they feel about "the land of the free"  and in the month of May will understand the energy force and reasons this happens to them. 

Not only are the people changing situations, the earth is also changing and cleaning up the mess humanity has made.  The earth has no intension of hurting, earth is simply healing in ways that bring its properties back in line with the universe. The earthquakes will put back into place the gold, silver, and crystal that balances earth's existence, and the iron that keeps earth in its place.  The tsunamis will bring flows of sea salt to cleanse the top soil making it rich again. The volcano erruptions will remind humanity that as long as the earth minerals are displaced there is assistance being requested from mankind. To follow the earth's main areas that will be effected keep an eye on places where the earth is strained from mineral mining and over populated areas that have detroyed earth's top soil.

Again spirit tells me that the world is not ending. The world is simply in a state of changing for the better. America will prosper and the world will continue to exist as long as the vast of the people learn, listen, and do what is right in the eyes and guidance of the higher power.

Blessings and love,
Vickie Gay, 
psychic / medium /seer
email blast 4/1/11

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JUNE  2011 and into 2012


The earthquakes get stronger, the ground of the world moves more intensely.  Minds are confused by the constant shaking and even the slightest movement of the earth is disorientating the minds of humanity existing on top of these moving grounds.
 The two main areas this effects are, highly populated, and areas that have had intense mining of removal of earth's minerals such as silver, gold, crystal,  and iron.

The Arabian Sea is boiling in the earth crust, I see spewing it's waters upon India and Saudi Arabia coastal  communities.
Earth is in the act of healing, as earth's minerals are shifted to proper placement it bring balance to allow gravity, weight, and all that it takes to structure the earth in aligning with all that surrounds it. crystal oscillators than can calibrate earth's existence.  Crystal  oscillators than can bring peace and harmony to mankind as the disorientation of the minds calibrate the brain to a powerful level of correct thought. 
Beware of this year's second warning , displace and give earth relief; in highly populated area such as  Japan, New York, and Southern California and mining areas. Love one another with open arms to change.


Working on  relationships at the core is the beginning of transforming into higher vibrations. Lots of mixed feelings of yesteryear get in the way of growth if the bigger picture is ignored. Learning to love self by living and walking the path of the less fortunate, take action in some technique of teaching an approach to an improved way. This can be a gentle  teaching as in being an example or a regimented teaching as in an organized point of focus.  This is a time of entering into helping each other with a reality of helping self. Realization of these events come with prosperity. Ignoring these events brings struggle and confusion. 
Working on relationships does not mean putting oneself in situation that no longer work for individuals. In terms of this prophesy the expression is simply allowing oneself to let go and release thoughts of relationships that no longer work and to let in a focus of the things desired that are heartfelt life changes. 

 A New Universal Law is Coming....With Love I submit this message to the world.

Vickie Gay 

Psychic - Vickie intuitively tunes into people, places, and events in the past present and future to answer your questions.
Oracle - Vickie enters other vibrations tapping into higher intelligence and into parallel existences to help people get answers to the unknown.
Medium - Vickie has the ability to connect with that special someone that has crossed over.
JANUARY 2012     

         This is your year to expand your rightful abilities you are born with. Many of you may only learn the techniques that can be of use to you when you finally open up the unseen spiritual soul that holds the true essence of who you are. Expanding your abilities or learning the techniques for your abilities that are coming your way are your solution to a higher quality of life. 
         In your journey through the year 2012 many of you are attracted to explore parts of your life that are personal. Signing up for spiritual workshops will be fulfilling. Finding a spiritual family in a church or spiritual group to assist in your development will satisfy the soul at this time.  Those of you that can not get enough information through reading, study, and activity into the unknown are of one the four elements, which is "the element of Air". The same as the wireless printers, wireless computers, TV waves, radio waves, and such transmitting information through the air, you too can connect to information. Information in the brain of each human being, in the spirit world, and other existences is in your reach.
         As visionaries, psychics, and spiritual mediums, come forward to share their abilities do embrace the opportunity to learn all that is offered.  When you get readings pay special attention to the techniques that are in use to get the information you are getting. Train yourself to remember how it feels when a connection is made for you in a session. All this you can use as you evolve into a higher consciousness.
          The availability of knowledge increases in the area of all things spiritual. Those of you that are visionaries, psychics, mediums this is a good time to write that book you are compelled to release, that book filled with your secrets.  
         Incorporating tools such as crystals is increasing due to the understanding of how a crystal works in watches, computers and the like of holding information.  Crystals have an accurate scientific timely vibration, record and replay events that occur in its presence which can assist in greater ways.


The days are building onto November 11, 2011.  This date is not to be celebrated as a day of success but instead a day of a test.  A test of power of intelligence instilled in human form, instilled in spirit form, and instilled in other existences a power to test by those not completely convinced of what they self-proclaimed.  Use of the double bladed sword that cuts on both sides is used by the pretender.  The sword that is displayed in its glory of beauty and blade never used to cut carries a power that makes great changes to all life in all places.

•People look for validation given and/or gotten in relations to spirit workers and their seekers.  The power of good becomes more powerful.
•Professionals placing individuals in the public eye choose with your heart and not your mind.  You will then prosper.  
•Those of you that are of service to humanity and beyond will prosper.  For this is the area of greatness.
•To find success the wiser become wiser through the connection of intelligence in all places.  Success is the evidence, happiness is sure to follow and good health is instilled in self-healing.
•The pretender positioned in fraudulent psychic, medium, or prophecy work will be struck down by their own hand.



Noise takes time to quarantine in the air not understandably clear to humanity. 
Straight shot across the lands marks the target not reached, instead an explosion in the air that is too close to homeland. 
Sending peace around the world can prevent World War III. Spreading calmness will interfere and soften the blow coming to earth --  Each individual makes a difference in the change taking place.

The earth's shift is going to be a catastrophe humanity rides through to find one of three are no longer among the living. A slide downward, screams that continue to annoy the heads inside. Send calmness around the world to soften the blow.

Finances - One has all, pull away from that one, and the possession of all - looses value. Next next next earth is the focus of life.

Many suicides are encouraged by the pretender that is  better locked away.

As the years have passed good and evil have been mistakenly overlapped in the mind causing the body to become more solid and dense. The lightness of the angelic being in life on earth is hardening more and more each day.The time of change is coming to float again, to be angelic beings enjoying heaven on earth.

The world can change, and will be done by the hand of those dwelling upon it. Open ears, open hearts, and admission to the emotion of love beginning with ones self is the strongest power. It is in yours hands, contribute now - you make a difference.


This is time to think for yourself. It is time to choose right or wrong, build or destroy, love or hate, fear or courage – choose and own it. We are closer to the time line of controlling people through religion in an extreme way. Events repeat themselves, extreme control through religion is coming again. 

It is time to count on your own knowledge as to what you know in your heart is right. Now is the time to do what makes you happy and at the same time others happy. Your actions benefiting all, your words making everyone smile, including you in benefiting from the happiness you create. 

Natural law of attraction is working overtime therefore you can count on attracting what you put out. Beings are created from exactly what they have done and are attracting like kind people and events, like attracts like.

 Change is transformation, ascending is your choice. The opportunity to transcend is here. In the weeks ahead when logic fails and confusion follows, avoid mistakes by following your heart and listening to your intuition for your highest path.

Vickie Gay
Psychic Medium


  What is changing for you this year?

You have freewill to let go or to hold on to what you no longer need. To release the things that have hurt you is the first step to happiness. When you let go, you make room for what you do want in your physical surrounding. Your mind, body, and spirit are working together in a most unique way at this time. The time of transformation is here.

Letting go allows your mind to clear out the garbage to make room for new things to come into manifestation.
Happiness may not come in the form you expect. What you get can go beyond your wildest dreams by carefully choosing the wording of your desire statement. Make your desire statement now. Example: 'I allow myself to be slim, healthy, and fit.' or 'I allow myself to enjoy good things in my life.' These are some examples of statements that can be used in this amazing time of transformation.

The mind is connecting with higher intelligence to make the ascending steps towards spirit acknowledgment, your spirit within your body is reaching out to help you, help yourself.This is the time to let go and allow a new way to live life. Be ready for quick changes as you release what is not fact in your life. Thinking or hearing statements that have attached to you are not fact. You can do it. Think, feel, see, and do in the NOW.

To release right now. Think of something you really want. Hold that thought allowing the reasons why you cannot have what you want to come into your mind. Let go of each reason why you cannot have what you want. Let go of the entire thought to allow yourself to feel lighter as you release.

You will let go of the desire that is not really what is for you or you will continue to release allowing what in want to manifest beyond your expectations. Spirit is working with more and more individuals. Some of you are here to help others and some to workout issues. Both will manifest faster and with ease by letting go and allowing courage and peace into your life now.

Words of courage cheerful, confident, daring, eager, I can, loving, visionary...
Words of peace ageless, being, calm, centered, free, I am, serenity, whole...

Vickie Gay


2014 is a year of test and choice between dark and light. Some of you may literally be in areas that are dark to be quickly correct with lamps and such. Others will be in dark as in negativity that is testing your strength to fight for who you really are. 

Those of you with good karma will be tested in taking responsibility in doing what it takes to bring yourself to a higher place in the physical and spiritual. This gets you out of your comfort zone. 

Many light workers will realize happiness in engaging their unique vital gifts, win shocking discovery of why they are here on earth.

Vickie Gay
Psychic Medium
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