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The Team that Appeared on KTVN Channel 2 Segment on October 29-31st 2008 - 11pm

Ghost Investigation in 
Virginia City, Nevada

Haunted Nevada: Gold Hill Hotel and Miners Cabin 
by Kellene Stockwell - Channel 2 News

"It's definitely a hot place. I've been here 11 years. And I think the energy that is out there is due to the tragedy that happened in 1869, when there was a horrible fire that broke out. 37 miners went down that day and were trapped and they never recovered their bodies," says Melody Reynolds of the Gold Hill Hotel.

And that incident has led to some interesting stories by guests staying at the hotel. "They hear like in the middle of the night is a lot of rattles in chains. They hear just weird sounds, shaking of the bed."

Read the full story Part 1 
Read Story Part 2

Jeff Foss, Kinsey Brown, Bill Brown, Kathy Berry, Vickie Gay, Bryan Smith, Laura Smith, Victoria Monroe

Gold Hill Hotel and other historic sites Janice Oberding the foremost authority on the paranormal in state of Nevada.
Join News 4's Sarah Johns as she takes a look at some of the most haunted areas in northern Nevada. Watch Monday at 5:00 and 11:00 PM as we accompany a medium and a ghost hunter to the Gold Hill Hotel and other historic sites. First show airs February 14, 2005
Part two will air Monday, February 21 during News 4 at 11PM.
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Vickie Gay Renowned Medium Recent Media Appearances 


Feb 4, 2007 Channel 16 at 5PM: Ghost of Piper's
Feb 7, 2007 Channel 16 at 12:05 Noon: Featuring Psychic Medium Vickie Gay
Produced by Victoria Monroe & Loose Canon Productions


Nov 12, 2006 Fresno, California TV- News 
Vickie Gay Psychic Medium gets interviewed by Fresno reporter


Oct 28 2006 Las Vegas, Nevada TV-News 
Vickie Gay Psychic Medium gets interviewed by Las Vegas reporter


Oct 10, 2006 Reno, Nevada KOLO TV-New 8
Vickie Gay Psychic Medium is interviewed by Jennifer Rogers Ghost and Paranormal Conference Gay is the featured speaker at TMCC Truckee Meadow Community College


Oct 3, 2006 South Lake Tahoe, California TV-RSN
Vickie Gay makes snow condition predictions for 
2006-2007 season

Sept 30 - Oct 6 , 2006 Universal Passing Over
Spread the word of the Universal Passing Over world gathering. Vickie Gay USA organizer & David Wharmby UK organizer 


Sept 8, 2006 Sacramento, CA TV-Sacramento & Co
Vickie Gay makes show broadcasting prediction for next season


On Left Vickie Gay on the Right is Martha Ghan Live on TV talk show "Let Us Connect"

On this live TV Show the phone lines are opened to callers for short phonereadings.

TV Show "Let us Connect"
LIVE Channel 17 in Santa Barbara, California
LIVE on television - phone lines open at aprox. 7:30 pm for your chance to connect with your loved one that has crossed over. Vickie will be giving short messages,watch the show and call when the lines open.       

Martha Ghan and Vickie Gay talk about Vickie's activities and how she connects with those crossed over to spirit.

Reno, Nevada Channel 16
January 23, 2005 Sunday at 9:30pm
January 26, 2005 Wednesday at 7pm
January 29, 2005 Saturday at 2pm 

Santa Barbara, California Channel 17
March 8, 2006 Wednesday at 7pm LIVE Seance
March 18, 2005 Friday at 12noon
March 15, 2005 Tuesday at 6am
March 14, 2005 Monday at 5pm 
March 9, 2005 Wednesday at 7pm
November 17, 2004 Wednesday at 7pm 

Vickie Gay appears on the television show "Let us...Connect"

Television Live Talk Show
"The Patricia Fuqua Show"
The show airs in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Stanford, and Menlo Park Cable Channel 30 
Vickie Gay Appeared Live on Patricia Fuqua's show on the following dates
June 1, 2005, Wednesday at 9pm
December 19, 2005, Monday at 8pm
November 20, 2005, Sunday at 8pm
June 23, 2005, Thursday at 8pm
June 25, 2005, Saturday at 2pm
July 1, 2005, Friday at 6pm
July 26, 2006, Wednesday