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Dear Vickie,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your seance on Friday, March 24 at the Reno Convention Center.  It was so enlightening!!  I had never really thought about going to a seance, in fact I thought I was just going to a seminar!  But I was delightfully surprised!  I loved how the others were able to connect with their loved ones that have passed.   If fact I was so taken with you and your abilities that I returned the next day for a reading.  It was WONDERFUL!!  Thank you SOOO much for a great weekend!!
Thank You Again, 
Addie in Reno

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Definition: A séance, which is derived from the Old French verb "to sit" (seoir,), is any attempt by two or more persons to contact the spirit world. It is a "sitting" which involves at least one medium and at least one "sitter." The medium is responsible for being the bridge between the spirit world and the human world, having the power to contact the spirits and transmit their messages. The sitter(s) seek information from the spirits, often from the spirits of deceased loved ones.