In Memory Of Our Loved Ones 

 This Page is Dedicated to Those We Remember and Closest To Us

 Passing Over 2006

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Carlos Camacho,
Our ever loving daddy...we will always keep you in our hearts.  You will always and continue to be a part of our lives. Thank you so very much for all the unconditional love and guidance you have given us and will continue to give us for the rest of our lives. We love Daddy.  
Your loving family,
Myra and Antonio
Lotsaluv,  Myra Camacho 

In loving memory of Scott Griffin, who will always be my "sweet angel" and always live in my heart. Thank You for all the love and guidance you've given me.

My "mama" (Eileen Spear) and mama to so many, best friend, confidante who gave unconditional love........God! How I miss you and the 30 years in which we shared our journey!!!....I would do it all over again, no matter how sick  you always had that beautiful smile ever ready - I am .....lost without you. 

To My mother Lena Robertson who watches over  my brothers and myself  ..  your children who love you always.I know your watching your grandchildren when we are busy.

 To my  friend Mike Hodge who guides us in our work. 
Always your new friend in your life afterwards, Love Marla

Please bless Tony Kuhnel who's heart needs healing and let him have some peace, 
that his family loves him very much and he's never forgotten in a day.       

In loving memory of Mike Hodge.
 My brother and my hero both here and in spirit. 
Thanks Mike for watching over me! I Love You! Love, Your Sis, Michelle

In great honor of our "DAD"Leslie Barton Fels loving Grandfather,DAD and enduring friend for many.May light ,love glory and Honor be yours for ever! 5-4-57/10-12-06
Love your children

 Oct   20, 2006  
            Murray was hit by a car Friday night.  He will be missed.


We'll always remember
Heber Smith Amussen  and 
Dorothy Rose Amussen 
with love  DGA

Lori Gonzales

Lawrence Nelson

In loving memory of Carolyn Budd

To my spirit husband and friend, 
Darren Chudzik, and our girl, Dakota.
 With much love and gratitude, Laura Hirsch 

My Grandparents: Ed and Joyce Lambert, Catherine Neitz
Edward Neitz
My Great-Grandma: Margaret Gerlach
Ricky Blundon

Sheree Jaeck

David McKinnon

In Loving Memory of my son Sean Paul Grifith
who died August 5, 2004,
 I miss you every moment of my life.
You were so good to so many. 
Love mom,  Nathan L. Dores

Chie'n,The O'Boson Master Owen Wastson,Living in the light!
 A father to the fatherless,I look forwards to hearing from you soon.
                                                                Love ,Chavez.

In Loving memory of My Baby Girl Dashila Jade Chavez"My Sunshine"9-12-93 to6-6-06 always and for ever, Papa.

Julieta Chanfreau
Goldie Bixler
Mildred Bixler
Jose Antonio Monclus Funes

In loving memory of James G. Renner Jr.

I send loving thoughts to Kevin K. Kelly, my Dad who made 70 years feel like a blink. 
It just wasn't long enough to have your light here on earth. 
I know you have only slipped away to the next room. 
What we were to each other, that we still are. Life means all that it ever meant.
 It is the same with unbroken continuity. You are not out of mind and always in my heart.
 Your spirit is surely guiding others to the light.
I miss you, love you and appreciate all you have done for me. 
Watch over me still, Daddy. And be there to lead me to heaven's light, love Erin

IN  MEMORY:    LOVING FATHER      RICHARD L. NIETO  5/29/191924 - 6/16/1979
                                              MOTHER     BELIA O. NIETO      3/13/1928   -  4/7/2006
DEAREST FRIENDS        JOHNNY "CHOP"VASKO     5-3-1971    3-28-2006
            "STAY GOLD"   -  "NO REGRETS"
           JIMMY AIKAU   1947 - 2006
In loving memory of my son Adrian.
My son, Adrian Thank you for teaching me the meaning of true love and when I pass I know you will take my hand and walk together again. Your loving father always. 

In loving memory of Carlos Camacho
I love you.  

In loving memory of my Mother Sophie.  
Our time was too short and I wasted much of it.  I love you Mom.

In loving memory of my grandparents, Floyd & Florence Wilson
We miss you so very much   Deanna, Brennan & Riley Anne

In Loving Memory of my Uncle, Stanley Howard Richards. I love you very much.

In LOVING Memory of my Mommy Regina Donnelly, died  07August2005.
I miss you Mom 
In Loving Memory of Muggles

In Loving Memory of Susan Sculley
Walk along the water shore at sunset, changing sky colors,
sitting on a rock a star falls into the horizon...

In Loving Memory of Frank Macias

In Loving Memory of Muggles

In LOVING Memory of our Mother Barbara Martin

'In loving memory of my parents John and Alice Davis-Patricia Fuqua

Jay Bernstein, one of Hollywood's most influential publicists and 
managers, passed away on April 30th at Cedars-Sinai in Beverly Hills after 
suffering a massive stroke. He was 69. Long time friend and client 
Farrah Fawcett was at his bedside when he died.
Born June 7, 1937 in Oklahoma City, the versatile Bernstein worked as a 
publicist and manager, representing names like Farrah Fawcett, Suzanne 
Somers, Drew Barrymore, Brooke Shields, Pamela Anderson, Lee Majors, 
Jim Carrey, Faye Dunaway, Sammy Davis Jr., Glenn Ford, Ernest Borgnine 
and Tony Bennett among dozens of others. As a personal manager, he helped 
make then unknown actresses Suzanne Somers, Farrah Fawcett and Kristy 
McNichol into household names. As a publicist, he created memorable 
campaigns including having Mary Hart's legs insured for a million dollars.
He began his career in the William Morris mail room, followed by a 
lengthy stint working at Rogers & Cowan. He then opened his own PR firm 
before seguing into the management business. He later became a succesful 
television producer, producing series including "Mike Hammer".
He is survived by a daughter, mother and sister. Funeral services are pending.
In loving memory of David Rolf Allen'

In Loving Memory of Patrolman Bryan S. Verkler, Killed in the Line of Duty 12/13/03

Remembering Alan Schwartz

In Memory of  "our"  family on the otherside

In Memory of Grandma Otilia Ross

In Memory of  Granpa Henry Oppelt

In Loving Memory of Grandma Briggs

In Loving Memory of Jersie Holton

In memory of Robert and Babe Baker

Tracy Lynn Redmond My Beloved,  Grandmother, and wife.

In Loving Memory of my mother who just passed over on Christmas '05 - Barbara Tucker

Gary Striker

Pattie St. Martin

Shirley Loomis

Homer Loomis, Sr

Grace Wright  a benefactor and Mother to the House of Graces Healing Ministries

In Loving memory of my parents Jacob and Gloria Oppelt

In Loving memory of Jim and Elmira Tijeriana

Remember my aunt Elida Tijeriana

Loving memory of my sister Bonnie Oppelt

In loving memory of Chance

In Loving Memory of the Rev. Barbara Thurman

"Universal Passing Over 2006' is the vision of guiding souls
 through heaven's twilight." --Vickie Gay
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