Quotes  from the 2006 organizer   USA     UK     Canada      New Zealand

"Universal Passing Over  is the vision of guiding souls  through heaven's twilight." --Vickie Gay     USA

  "From out of the dark and into the light, together with Spirit  we will illuminate bright. " ---David Wharmby     UK

"As we help our ancestors pass over to the other side, so shall they help us in fostering the New World" -- Tamara    Canada

"Souls connecting out world and the spirit world in a blessed event, to embrace and unite both dimensions in healing, love  and harmony forever more." --Rachel Wright     New Zealand

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2006 World Gathering organized countries are
 UK, USA , Canada, New Zealand
 'Culmination of the Event'.  'One Beacon of Light'.

With these 'four corners of the earth' sitting at the same time and respective dateline, an En Masse Passing Over of Souls will be conducted, thus assisting many of the lost and wandering souls still trapped here upon this physical plane to move toward the light and in turn, cross over.

With 12  Mediums sitting in an inner circle, supported by an outer circle of both Psychics
     and Mediums, we intend to  generate an immense and   power-filled globally unified
        Energy of Love and Light to aide  the crossing over of our, and the  world's loved ones.
  Although it is  well known by all involved, that not all souls will cross at this time, the unified energy created globally will allow thousands if not millions to move into the Light.
                                                         UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
                           2006  O r g a n i z e r    V i c k i e   G a y     415-244-6321
Vickie visits the United Kingdom in August 2007. 
NEXT PASSING OVER Is SCHEDULED For SPIRIT on    ... September 20th, 2008  
2006 David Wharmby of the UK, Vickie Gay of the USA, Tarmara of Canada, and Rachel of New Zealand are the organizers to contact in your part of the world. We are looking for 12 mediums for the center circle (a total of 48 mediums) & all mankind to attend the event at your closest location.