Reno, Nevada January 7, 2005

This article was written by my loving daughter, Britney Gay. When she wrote this piece she was only 14 years old. She is now studying to be a journalist, writing a book, and I am witnessing that she also has mediumistic abilities.

In your life you will find that unexpected phenomenal things will come your way. When medium Vickie Gay found herself faced with these unexpected things she explored the world of Spiritualism and the possibility that there is life after death. She soon learned that she has the gift to communicate with the other side and now she uses it to connect others with those who have passed away.

In early 1993 Vickie received validation that she had communicated with the other side when she delivered a message to a man, also interested in mediumship. The man was told through Vickie, that he was safe from what he had been frightened of. 

Overwhelmed with evidence that his dead grandfather had come through to deliver this message to him, he broke down in tears and thanked Vickie greatly for helping him move 
on and finally discover that he was free from his past.

People that have crossed over and now are in the spirit world show Vickie their personality and make their identity shine through. Others physically connect, for example; during a reading Vickie squeezed a client's hands. 

Vickie apologized and again squeezed the client's hands! Vickie said, "This is your husband squeezing your hands. I am not doing it." The client's eyes filled with tears of happiness and said that her husband use to play with her that way, her husband use to squeeze her hands, that's how he played with her. This was only one of the things this spirit husband did to identify himself.

Vickie has been giving messages for many years; hundreds of people have validated connection 
with family, friends, and loved ones that are in the spirit world.

When Vickie is into the reading and if a specific person in spirit has not made contact she will try to summon them. At times the person you want will not come, but always be thankful for those who did because the phenomena of mediumship is at work and it is a very spiritual occurrence.

Vickie Gay - A Phenomonial Life - by Britney Gay
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